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Claire Beeley Yoga



A parent and child private yoga session is designed for the child using tecniques that help children at all stages of development transition smoothly, by helping them to recognise their strengths, and manage their emotional growth through life.  If children can learn to be calm under pressure and express themselves clearly at a young age, then they stand a good chance in their adult life.  


Classes incorporate a combination of storytelling, and visualisation, with stretching, breathing, partnering, and games, as well as positive affirmations, and relaxation, that engage, and stimulate, as well as relax.  Yoga alows children to have fun but also learn vital skills that will help them for years to come.  

Children won't be aware that they are learning new skills but you will notice a change.  Yoga for children isn't a programme, we make a safe environment and then just flow with their abundant creativity.  They soon realise its all about their personal expericence - its magical!


CRB checked and insured. 



"I went home and did my homework straight away,  I usually put it off and it takes longer"


“I like that we talk about things to help us in the future, like friendship”  Poppy – Age 9


“Makes me feel middle” Hazel – Age 8


“I like that we talk about things to help us in the future, like friendship”  Poppy – Age 9


“Feel shy about talking but it helps me feel more confident” Hazel - Age 8


“I have been practising my shoulder stand” Ruby – Age 8


"I like the hissing snake and the roaring the lion the best"  Maddy - Age 8

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Would you like your child to be more confident, attentive and cooperative,

listen well, concentrate better and love learning?