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Claire Beeley Yoga

decission making


The practical breathing techniques and relaxation methods taught within yoga give access to a more rounded approach to decision-making, by infusing the brain and body with oxygen. Whether you are looking to present your case to the Board, take the emotional heat out of situations with colleagues or just manage day-to-day stress levels through effective prioritisation, yoga provides a safe-haven of time in which to recharge, and learn a range of practical solutions that can be employed on return to the work environment.


   health benefits


  • Overcome stress disorders like insomnia, hypertension, excess alcohol and depression

  • Relieve asthma, digestive problems, migraine, ulcers, and muscular and skeletal pain

  • Harness vital energy lost through negative emotions and thinking

  • Complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation

  • Wake up dormant brain cells that control each and every body nerve


   development benefits


  • Better concentration, learning and memory

  • Better problem solving

  • Break up undesirable personality and habit patterns

  • Greater access to the right side of your brain, becoming more flexible and creative

  • Relief from past traumas - anxiety

  • Develop more elegant strategies of functioning

Hatha yoga, and meditation is a low risk, long term investment in personal development that is very successful at maximising the ability of business professionals to remain focused and calm, when making key decisions that impact project success, staff morale, customer perception and  the bottom line.

If you win over your mind you can win over the whole world - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar