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Claire Beeley Yoga


“Of all the meditation CDs I have used, this one has been the most effective at getting me to switch off and let go of all that tension. The combination of Claire’s soothing voice, healing sounds and the perfectly paced guidance achieves exactly what is says on the tin. Relax you will”


Kate Tenney – Acupuncturist



“Claire’s Instant Calm CD is a breath of fresh air. Relaxation techniques without the pressure of a meditation practice. I lie back and switch on when I want to indulge myself! The length of each session is perfect, bite sized so I can slot it into my day/evening without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else instead! I feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation after the session and love the fact that my energy is renewed but in a calm grounded way. I am recommending this CD to all my clients, it is perfect for those that are nervous of spiritual practice but desperately need to learn how to rest the mind and let go of repetitive thoughts that can flood their daily life. Thank you for all your hard work in creating such a beautiful enriching experience for us to enjoy.”


Karen Maidment – Health & Nutrition Specialist


I went home and did my homework straight away,  I usually put it off and it takes longer.

Bournside School, Cheltenham 2005