"Claire is both ordinary and extraordinary!


Extraordinary in her talent to teach (to start wherever you are, mindful of what you came wanting to achieve), her depth of understanding of human beings and their condition, her intuitive knowing and her care. All delivered with a ‘light touch’.


Ordinary in that when we first met she was drinking coffee (such a relief – albeit decaf), she is contactful and has a ready, lovely laugh. She also understands and accepts how life’s best laid plans can get scuppered. She is real!


I heartily recommend Claire to anyone looking to change their lives, for whatever reason, at a fundamental or seemingly less deep level. I can guarantee that when you leave a session you will feel calmer and more ‘aligned’ than you did when you started …….and what a lovely feeling that is."


Sian Gardner - Management Consultant


"Claire Beeley has opened my eyes to yoga as a spiritual practice and has been an invaluable coach and mentor for me. I am myself a Life Coach and run regular workshops on creativity and personal development. Claire’s deep insight into yogic practices and teachings have deepened my understanding of my work and my own life choices. Under Claire’s guidance I have developed a new practice of meditation (using her excellent CD) which has been hugely helpful with my day-to-day energy management.


I have long wanted to have a meditative practice but have never found a structure that worked for me until now. Claire, like me is both practical and connected – someone equally comfortable in the world of business as in the spiritual. I value this so much as it’s very rare to find someone who understands both impulses and honours them so well.


I am sure I will be seeking Claire’s unique insight, healing ways and creativity for many a year to come!"


Theresa Sansome

Life Coach



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Claire Beeley Yoga

"A truly great teacher must not only possess the knowledge, but must also have the ability to impart it. Claire does this with ease, but has two other crucial skills. The first is that she intuitively recognises what the student will most benefit from. The second is that she is able to place the practice and learning of yoga in the context most relevant to the student. I have no hesitation in recommending her"


Andrew Bearpark CBE


"I practiced yoga in Claire's classes for a long time. Having moved, it has been in the search for a replacement that I have seen how much care was taken of me as a student.

I have not found a teacher to match her wisdom, compassion and spirit - Claire is uniquely talented."


Juliet Jessop

Marketing Consultant


"Claire is an excellent yoga teacher whose classes I have been going to for years.  She always gives so much to each session, explaining the principles of yoga and taking everyone through the postures with a lot of warmth and care.  Her classes are a deep, rich, rewarding experience, which regularly enhance my overall sense of well-being."


Ahrabella Heabe-Lewis



"When I met Claire , I told her I was the most unlikely person ever to start on such a venture.  To start off I approached Yoga, as a physical exercise, helping me to become less stiff . But slowly and surely Claire was able to introduce the breathing techniques in my routine, helping with relaxation, opening a whole new world.  For me Yoga has become a fusion between the body and the mind and in both cases, allowing each to find their natural balance. "Awareness" as a principle is helping me in every day life, both privately and in business ( I am CEO of a mid size company).  I have got a huge amount to learn, but under Claire's guidance I hope to explore further the path of "consciousness" of mind and body"


Hans Falkenburg CEO

I" started yoga in Feb 2013 to help manage a painful upper back and neck problem, and I started working with Claire in Oct 2014.  My first teacher proved helpful to me and I felt real improvements to my back problem.  Working with Claire has been a revelation.  The focus on my breathing and the slow, gentle pace of the classes has continued to help improve my back problem.  


However, the real revelation is how Claire's teaching has introduced me to a contemplative element that has given me much greater insight into how my mind and body are truly connected, how I am affected by external influences, and how I can use yoga to improve my sense of well-being.  I have been truly surprised by the positive impact of the slow, gentle style of yoga and how by the end of each class I feel improvement has come from within."


Mike Hodgkins - Business Development


"I came across Claire's teaching by accident, and it has been one of the best mistakes I ever made. Having done a lot of both intensive yoga and meditation practice focused on strength and challenging the body and mind, I knew I was craving something else but couldn't quite articulate it. Claire's teaching has been transformative, helping me discover a space and a path to go deeper within, and finding a profound sense of stillness and relaxation that has been invaluable.

It has been the perfect counterbalance and compliment to my other practices. Claire's teaching style conveys both wisdom and kindness, and as a new teacher I am enormously grateful to have been able to learn from her."


Miriam Pa - Yoga Teacher