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Claire Beeley Yoga

Private restorative yoga may be a necessary starting point.  Sometimes, injury, surgery, pain, health issues and even stiffness require prescribed yoga and more attention than a class can provide.  

It's an ideal starting point if you want more than a group class can offer, and progresses at a pace suitable to you; giving you exactly what you need in the moment to balance your energy.  It meets your interests, supports a home practice, and fits in with your schedule.  


Spiritual Counselling support the process.  Balance is a simple principle.  It comes from and develops patience, understanding and moderation, best described as a "centered" experience.  Clarity, confidence and contentment comes with regular practice and being open to the profound knowledge passed down through the centuries.  Yoga's wisdom is a journey from the head to the heart.  Mindfulness yoga and yoga's knowledge allow the healing process to unfold, and can bring surpressed emotions and memories to the surface.  Gradually your persepective and therefore your priorities will start to change. Coaching helps you to make sense of these changes.


Diet and lifestyle coaching is available if and when you are ready to make this positive change.

Refining your diet and lifestyle is a life process.  It takes gradual adjustments if changes are going to stick.


Food is a potent healing force, and you can expect vast health improvements when you make appropriate dietary changes.  These changes are actually a revival of traditional principles that are returning to the mainstream – high quality foods, better basic diets, and eating to overcome personal imbalances, and maximise vitality.


Food is a foundation medicine has therapeutic properties that affect all systems of the body.  Dietary healing focuses on a foods ability to strengthen energy, calm the mind, reduce mucus, acid, and more.  

This way of eating works with subtle flows of energy to prevent illness – it is powerful in its simplicity, and gives the body the chance to take in and use the nourisment in food.

Transitioning to, or wanting to incorporate more vegetarian food into your diet is definitely a healthier choice.  Resources, recipes, meal plans and sources of quality whole foods will be given to you.


There are definitely lots of toxins that can ruin your body. But avoiding or using in moderation, alcohol, caffeine, canned foods, yeasty white breads, roasted nuts and fried foods, processed meats and cheeses will keep the free radicals away from your body and the result will be a radiant youthfull appearance.

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every breath out

is a letting go and

brings stress relief

I came across Claire's teaching by accident, and it has been one of the best mistakes I ever made. Having done a lot of both intensive yoga and meditation practice focused on strength and challenging the body and mind, I knew I was craving something else but couldn't quite articulate it. Claire's teaching has been transformative, helping me discover a space and a path to go deeper within, and finding a profound sense of stillness and relaxation that has been invaluable.

It has been the perfect counterbalance and compliment to my other practices. Claire's teaching style conveys both wisdom and kindness, and as a new teacher I am enormously grateful to have been able to learn from her.


Miriam Pa - Yoga Teacher

Watch your thoughts; they become words.  Watch your words; they become actions.  Watch your actions; they become habits.  Watch your habits; they become character.  Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny. - Upanishads